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So Much More Than

Hair & Make-Up


What We Do

Why do you need a bridal coordinator?

  • Primp & pamper you and your girls celeb-style for 4 hours

  • Perform award winning Bridal Hair & Make-Up by our professionally trained and licensed stylists

  • Create a specialized Morning Prep Plan to ensure timeliness and tranquility 

  • Provide the party before the party: complete with Sonos, champagne, and Instagram goals

What YOU Do

  • Let your very own personal Event Stylist cater to your every need

  • Relax and enjoy one of the most incredible mornings of your life!

Your Logistics Mastermind

Ensuring smooth operation, timing, and complete coordination of bridal party 
Your Guard Dog

Managing chaotic arrival of vendors (i.e. photographer, videographer, florist, etc.), fielding questions and keeping the stressful business end of the wedding far away from you
Your Butler

Catering to needs before you have them: refreshing your mimosa, keeping you hydrated with plenty of water, feeding you even when your nerves tell you you're not hungry, breath mints, tissues, deodorant, something blue - whatever you need, we got you
Your Maid

Keeping the "getting ready" space tidy will ensure peace of mind for you. We steam dresses, we shine jewelry, and we've even been known to clean the bride's feet before slipping into those Wedding Day Walkers
Your Right Hand

We know how much time and effort you put into planning this epic day, you want everything to be perfect; you need someone there to think like you and act - you need a "you" there on your wedding day, and that's us.

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